Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Haunting!

Just wanted to share some pictures of our little spooks! We've been celebrating Halloween all week long! We kicked things off Monday with a Halloween party for Avery and a few of her friends! I told all the parents they could just drop the kiddos off and come back in an hour and a half! Now if that's not scary... but we all survived and had a great time!
Then last night was our branch Trunk or Treat and Haunted House. I made chili from scratch for the first time in my life! Turned out pretty well although I didn't win any prizes. The pot was empty so that says something! (Like we all know how to eat! :) Ryan won "most annoying" costume, although it was unofficial, for "cloudy w/ a slight chance of rain" when anyone asked what he was supposed to be he answered with a squirt bottle. I had a too-small witch hat (Avery's from last year) and some striped socks so I almost made a good witch! We'll probably lay low tonight and just do the handing out of candy. If we have any trick or treaters. It's just not the same as it used to be... sad!

Sawyer, Avery, Ryder, Annie

Mason, just finishing up a bat cookie! I wasn't quick enough. Black frosting, not so smart!

Our little monkey (gorilla), this was the only picture I could catch of him! He was too busy running through the leaves!

The most colorful ballerina! (Inside and out!) Finally, a smile for pictures! I guess I just have to let her dress the way She wants to dress to get her to cooperate! (Bribery works occasionally!)


C-L-B said...

Cute Destinee! We have our "trunk or treat" tonight! We're looking forward to it! I love all your pics, you are so great with photography! :) ~carmen

Destinee Blau Photography said...

Thanks Carmen! So fun to hear from you. I'm horrible w/ keeping this updated. I didn't even notice you had commented until I read your email and came back to look! Duh!

andrea said...

Looks like a fun Halloween, Destinee! I think Mason has already grown since we saw him last. What was that, two months ago??

I, too, love your pics. How do you get that nice black border around them? (Or is that a trade secret?)

Destinee said...

Hey Andrea,

Thanks! Mason is all boy now, there isn't much baby left! Sad!
I change the canvas size of the pics in photoshop. It's super easy to do if you have that program I can explain it better!
We're so excited to see you guys!