Thursday, June 5, 2008

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo... can come too, too, too. Wish I could get that tune out of my head! So, about three weeks ago we planned to meet Andrea and Andrew and their fam at the zoo in Ashboro. After breaking the bank to fuel up for the 3 hour drive, we arrived only to find the zoo closed due to a water line break. What?! Luckily Sweats knew of a Nature Center in Greensboro (about 40 mins. away) so we went there instead. We ended up having a great time!

However, we really wanted to see some bears. And giraffes. And elephants. Our branch had an assignment to clean the temple in Columbia, SC. We signed up and decided to make a weekend of it and see the zoo there. Avery got car sick on the way down. But not before I had handed her an empty bag! Nice timing kiddo! I took the kids to the park while Ryan worked in the temple. Then we were off to the zoo...

We saw bears (excersizing, no less.)


and Elephants!

Which were a big hit and 2nd only to...the common house kitty. I kid you not! But the proof is in the picture!

Mason's reaction when I told him to tell the kitty "bye,bye"

I then had to pry him off the bar and this was no small feat. Ryan said next trip we'll go to Petsmart and save on gas!

Now, for my favorite pics of the day. Avery kept finding animal statues "take my picture with this Mom", "wouldn't this be cute!" and so on.

Avery struck a pose and I guess Mason didn't want to be outdone!

1,2,3... how many monkeys do you see?

Startling resemblence, dontcha think?

My monkeys in the tree!

And this little monkey slept almost the whole time!

Okay, enough monkey business. I can't beleive any of ya'll are still reading this post-turned- novel! Here's one last pic of Avery and Mason.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time! Good thing because we're not going ANYWHERE for a while! Mason got car sick on the way back but his timing was not as great as Avery's. Then we had to pull over to clean up the mess, which woke Brittain up and she cried for the next hour! And that's what memories are made of!


J & C said...

I wish I were a professional photographer so that when I went to the zoo, and I posted my blog it would look like I just got back from and African safari! When I get a new camera will you teach me some tricks?
Love ya!

Heather said...

Those are some really cute pictures once again. That is my luck to drive all of that way and find out the zoo would be closed. We were actually going to go to the zoo today but the weather didn't want to cooperate so we didn't.

andrea said...

Yay! Glad you guys finally made it to the real zoo. :)

Mason's attachment to the common house cat cracked me up. My kids would love to join you at Petsmart sometime.

Carmen said...

Oh my goodness! How sad you guys drove to Asheboro and the zoo was closed! I know exactly what weekend that was, b/c they had it all over the news here! :(
Sorry your kids got sick riding in the car, too!
You def took some great pictures at the zoo! I wish mine came out half as good! And I LOVE the ones of Avery and cute! :) Can't wait to see you next weekend!!

janet said...

Avery cracked me up with her poses. For someone who doesn't like her picture taken she seems to know what it is all about. Beckii saw a sign that said, "every boy needs 2 things, a dog, and a mom who will let him have one!!" He would love a dog or kitty! thanks for calling me on your way home (with everyone crying) to give me a taste of your reality!! love you guys, mom

Destinee said...

Thanks, ya'll. Andrea, LOL. We'd love to have Whit and Brandon join us at petsmart! How long are your parents there to help? We'll plan something for after that. Carmen, yea! That will be so great to see you guys!

Destinee said...

Hey Momma!
We must have been typing at the same time. Yea, you heard the real deal!

Scheewe said...

Love those pix, girl! I still can't believe how quickly Avery is growing!!!

Destinee said...

Thanks Mags! I know. Avery lost her 2nd tooth yesterday. What the heck?! Thanks for keeping her on Sunday. We've been talking all week (listen to me, it's only Tuesday!) about the fact that she's a CTR and now that her teacher is here she'll be in her new class. She is not happy about it!

julie said...

Dest, I love the monkey pics and poses! Mason looks so tall, they are all growing so much! It makes me sad sometimes that they aren't all growing up together. That's life I know but I can't tell you how excited I am to see you all next month! I am glad you all got to have a mini get away, my kiddos were way jealous of the zoo, and giggled at the silly poses Avery was making. We love you all and hope you all doing better. Have a great week!

Destinee said...

Hey jules- It is sad the cousins are so far away! We can't wait to see you guys too! Avery wants to go fishing w/ Sylee and Brett and Grandpa. Sounds good to me! How is Sylee's shoulder?

Destinee said...
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Destinee said...
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