Thursday, July 10, 2008

Camping... but not!

This was the best! Our friends, Leslie and Matt, got a canoe and they live right near this river. So for FHE they grilled the yummiest shishkabobs(no idea how to spell that!) And then the guys took the kids out for a canoe ride. It was a total blast! The older kids "swam". Coy helped them fish. Then we all had S'mores. Then we drove 15 minutes home and got to take hot baths! Perfect! Thanks so much guys!

(Side note: Barb and Coy and their daughter Brianna are Matt and Leslie's neighbors. And Barb was my nurse when Brittain was born. Small world huh. I was talking to Leslie after I had Brittain and I was going on about this great nurse and how wonderful she was. Totally funny!)

Matt, Avery, Brianna, Clive, and Ryan

Mason waiting for his turn in the boat!

Barb, Leslie, and Dean

Coy fishing w/ Van

Van with his trophy fish!

I loved this one of Brianna.

Avery and Brianna
By the look on Clive's face I'd say this s'mores stuff is pretty serious!
Mmm, mmm S'mores!


Carmen said...

It's all the highlights of camping without the actual camping part! ;) How fun!!

(And that is funny- about their neighbor being your nurse!)

janet said...

I think that may be the way to camp. I loved all the dirt spots on Mason's face!! Can't wait to get ahold of those kids! Great pictures.

julie said...

Hey now that's the way to do it! Looks like you all had a blast! You have me cravin' smores, we'll have toast some up out in the pasture while you guys are here. Can't wait to see you all!!!