Sunday, September 21, 2008

How a girl plays cars

Last night the kids were playing so well w/ each other. Avery even let Mason choose what he wanted to play for once. Which, undoubtedly, was cars. How nice of her.
After awhile I decided to peek in at them. The cars had been washed, fed, and were currently taking naps (tucked in a blanket no less). Mason kept insisting his truck was awake. While Avery kept insisting it still needed to rest. Eventually the cars woke up. And were even allowed to race! To which Mason was thrilled!
And you better believe it was one heckuva race too. Those cars have never been in such topnotch shape I tell you!


Carmen said...

LOL, that is hilarious!
Wanna know something funny?...Caleb makes his cars go to sleep, and then wake up. :) (Should I be worried?) j/k

Gallup Family said...

Sarah always has to give the cars voices and demands that Jaden say this or that and gets mad if he changes the conversation. It's crazy how these imaginative these kids can be :) But at least they play together every once in a while.

Melissa said...

That is so hilarious!!! Those motherly instincts are so strong, even at the age of 5. I love it!

andrea said...

So cute!

We have the opposite experience at our house. Dolls end up having races and doing stunt shows!

MommyJ said...

Oh Wow that is so funny! Glad you shared!

janet said...

This is hillarious! I can HEAR AVERY right now!! Kinda like when we played dolls and SHE had it all mapped out! I remember Eric always wanting to play cars and Jonathan trying to talk him into something els...but when he held his own Jonathan would finally give in. (I think Eric would love to play cars to this day)