Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fairytales and co-"sleeping"

Long, long ago (weeks feel like years) there was a little family made up of 3 adorable kids (ages 5 years, 2 years, and 8 months), and two very tired parents. Each of these children were blessed with a bed of their very own. And for a few weeks the mother and father were blessed with children who loved those beds. Life was blissful.
However, time went on and the wee one started teething (again) which caused her to wake up and scream, cry, and thrash about in her crib. Which in turn would wake the 5 year old who needs her beauty sleep. Otherwise life is... less pleasant. (She's kinda like her mom in that regard.) So the mother, not knowing what else to do, took the wee one back to her bed. The bed she longs to share with only her husband. And so it was, the mother and the father found themselves co-sleeping, again. The nights were short. The days long. The patience- thin.
Fast forward to last night. The wee one is screaming in her crib. The 5 yr. old has been relocated to the extra futon in the 2yr. old's room (not that you can't hear the screaming in that room too). The 2 yr. old is yelling, "get in your own room, you go to your own bed!!".
The mr. and the mrs. are snuggled on the couch trying to watch a movie and wishing there was ice cream in the freezer. Eventually only the middle child is awake (this is evident because he suddenly needs lots of hugs, kisses, water, dinner...) so at least the movie can be heard. The tired mother, however, keeps falling asleep and decides to head to bed. Less than one hour later, baby is awake again. And she's screaming. Because she's alone, in her own crib, heaven forbid! And her bed buddy isn't next to her. Zombie mother caves and takes monster baby to bed with her. Tired daddy is sleep-watching TV on the couch. Morning finds him there snuggled with the aforementioned 2 yr. old on his chest and the 5 yr. old curled up at his feet.

Does anyone need a bed? Apparently we have a futon, crib, twin, and queen available.

Weekend Project: Re-Ferberize the itty bitty, at all cost!
(If that doesn't work, mother and father will be accepting donations to build a master suite in the basement.)

What works for you?

Goodnight- I hope!


janet said...

I miss Saturday mornings when my rugrats use to come jump in our bed!! But I DO NOT miss the middle of the night wake-ups. All I can say is "this to will pass" glad you can keep your sense of humor!!
Love mom

MommyJ said...

I laughed out loud when you offered your available beds up for grabs... I so totally understand! Once, right after Henry was born, I woke up and there were six people in my bed. It's a queen size bed. SIX!!! My discomfort literally made me question why I let the children sleep inside.

I am all about referberizing.. I too have a five year old that shares a bedroom with the baby. Most nights Lucy ends up sleeping on the floor in her brothers room. She's happier there anyway cause she doesn't really like sleeping away from Sam.

Hope things get better in the coming nights!

Gallup Family said...

We're kind of in the same boat, Dest. Luke loves being able to get out of his big boy bed all by himself in the middle of the night, tiptoeing into your room, and staring at you until you wake up and nearly have a heart attack. He senses something is up with mommy and is making sure he gets all his loving in. Jaden is also fond of coming in at night. Hope the wee one learns to sleep again soon :)

Marsha said...

Mason yelling at Avery to go to her own bed in her own room was priceless. He is such a cutie. We have Ruby trained to come to our room and lie down in the floor. We leave a pillow and blanket. She never disturbs us anymore.

Melissa said...

This post was HILARIOUS and all too familiar!! We have some bunk beds up for sell b/c apparently sleeping at the foot of our bed in a sleeping bag is better than a comfortable mattress and comforter! What is up with that?? It makes me crazy. I LOVE the way you wrote this post. What a talent you have for writing. Seriously, I don't know if we can be friends have way too many talents. :)

andrea said...

What a great fairytale. You have to keep us updated on the ending. Hopefully it will be a happy one.

Kneisly Family said...

This was so great. You really are a great writer. I love the part about Mason telling Avery to go to her own room.

Lew said...

Awesome story! I agree, you are a great writer. Keep it up! I like to be entertained :-) I can just picture Mason yelling at Avery to go back to her bed. He is such a funny little guy. Love you!!

Carmen said...

You are so funny Destinee! :) Love this story...and like the other moms said, it sounds all too familiar!
And Mason cracks me up...he is hilarious. :)

julie said...

I probably burned a 100 calories just laughing after those two posts! You are seriously so talented! Photography, writing, singing what can't you do! You are amazing, thanks again for the laughs! Give the kiddos loves!