Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here's a game you can play!

It's a little game I like to call "musical beds"

The object of the game: to see how many different beds you can sleep (play, cry) in, in one night.

The rules of the game:
#1-each player must begin in his/her own bed.
#2-if you have legs that walk you must exit your bed several times before finally falling asleep. (Thirst, hunger, restroom needs, and "I forgot to brush my teeth" are all acceptable reasons to leave your bed. As well as "I feel sick", "I'm not tired", and "I need to tell you something"). In fact bonus points will be given for the most creative reason for leaving your starting point.
#3-once you've been asleep for a minimum of 1 minute you may wake up and change beds. (Feel free to scream and cry! This brings another dimension to the game.)

How to win the game: Whoever visits the most beds wins the game.

This game is most enjoyable in the middle of the night, when you are naturally overflowing with love and patience. (I'm not generally sarcastic- I don't think.? I must be tired. But for the life of me I can't imagine why.)

And here's a picture of the kiddos cause I haven't posted one for a while. I'm thinking of a 16x20 for the wall. What do you think?

Of course, there's the diaper on Brittain's head. But honestly, they might never sit still and look at me all at the same time again. Plus, they are smiling (well, maybe not Brittain), but Brittain has a diaper on her head and that's funny, so the other two are smiling at least.


Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

Maybe you should try some duct tape:)

Destinee said...

Awww, duct tape. That stuff is good for everything. I think you might be on to something!

MommyJ said...

Oh holy cow, I'm laughing so hard right now... this was well timed as I am at my mom's house tonight, and bedtime was not an easy venture... baby up screaming until nearly 10, little girl with injured legs and hurting fingers up until 11... ELEVEN!!! Covers were too hot. pillows were NOT like the pillows at home. When I threatened to put them in the car and drive them home, they changed their tune.

I love the diaper on the head. And honestly, was much too enamored with the cuteness of your kids to notice it was a diaper.

I hear you did great speaking. Wish I could have heard it.:)

Marsha said...

"I need to tell you something," Wow we hear that one all the time! I loved the picture. That diaper on the head looked like a pioneer bonnet. Very cute.

Destinee said...

mommyj-Yes, bedtime at grandma's is an adventure of it's own. It was so fun to see you and meet "papa J" and at least 1/2 of your kiddos! To be honest, when I stood in the back and J was back there w/ Henry I totally thought of the whole weather man incident! Classic!
Thanks Marsha! We missed seeing you guys today.

Melissa said...

I think a 16x20 on the wall would be perfect!!! I love it...especially the diaper on the head!!! It looks like a picture that should be on the cover of Parenting magazine.

The cookies are FABULOUS!! Seriously, I think I really do want to swim in them. :) Thanks so much!! You constantly AMAZE me by your incredible example of how to be a friend.

Carmen said...

That was hilarious Destinee! :) My 2 have had their moments of "up and down" as I like to call it at bedtime.

And that picture is ADORABLE! Love it!!

Eric said...

So did you or Avery put the diaper on Brittain's head I think it is a very cute picture!

janet said...

I say blow up the picture. It is really cute and I was looking at Brittians head thinking "oh cute, a little night cap like on Little house on the prairie" You may have to buy some little rewards and make a huge deal out of them... and then tell them IF they stay in there own bed they can choose one in the morning!! or stickers each morning on a chart and after so many stickers a special prize. If that doesn't work I guess you could hobble them..but only as a last resort!!
love yeah

The Staley Family said...

I LOVE this picture!I don't see any, naughty won't go to bed children! Ha, but aunties see different than mommys! It is so precious. Miss you all tons! The kiddos can come stay at my house we only have 1 bed so it will be difficult to play your game!

Lew said...

What a cute picture!! I would totally blow this one up...I love that rare moment when you can catch all three kids in a picture together, actually looking at the camera.
Can't wait for our photo shoot...maybe we'll have to try the diaper-on-the head trick with Dean.

julie said...

I considering your poster size picture idea...lining every wall in my house! It's sweet moments like those that keep us temporarily sane!
P.S. I had tears flowing from that one, that was hilarious!