Thursday, January 22, 2009

Food for Thought

Or,more accurately, conversations at the dinner table:

Last night as I sat down at my place at the table exhaustion caught up with me.
"I'm soooo tired," I said.
Avery, who had just finished exercising replied, "I'm soooo hot."
Mason immediately followed with, "I'm sooo pretty."

Who is this kid? Then we all laughed hysterically and I didn't feel nearly as tired after that.

A few days ago we were having dinner and Mason disappeared to find his toy computer. When he came back I told him we could play after we finished eating. This obviously did not go over well. Thinking fast- I told him to put it under his chair so that it would be right there and we could play as soon as we were done. That seemed to appease. I turned to get something for Brittain. When I turned back around Mason was sitting at the table with his computer. His plate? On the floor directly under his chair!! Well, how 'bout them apples.


janet said...

they crack me up! leave it to mason to be the SO PRETTY one!

andrea said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Mason.