Friday, March 6, 2009


I hate when I go for so long without posting. It is so hard to start back up. I feel like I need to come up with something brilliant to say (because all of my other posts are brilliant?! Yea. Right.) But we might all be dead if I wait for that post.

I have been spending time with tangible friends of late. Having dinner. Laughing. Learning. Laughing some more.

Then my sis-in-law and her little boy came to visit. Isn't he a cutie!

We had sooo much fun! We are so tired. (Coco, I took an almost 3 hour nap today. Not even kidding. Hope you got one too!) We were up late into the night. Playing games, eating, talking, more laughing. When it became impossible to keep our eyelids open for another second we would head to bed. And then, immediately following, one of our 4 collective children would wake up. That part was not as fun. During the day I dragged her to the mall twice, two different Targets, two Old Navy's and a few other places. Thanks for watching my kids while I tried on millions of pairs of pants. It's no wonder I almost never go shopping. I'm so excited about all the finds!

I joined Facebook. I've had invites before but figured I was busy enough trying to keep up with this blog. And it kind of seemed annoying. Anyway, a photographer I dig was doing a random drawing for a free portrait session and I had to leave a comment to be entered into the drawing. But to leave a comment I had to have a Facebook account. So I gave in and opened one. I did not win the drawing. Bummer! I have found soooo many old friends! Awesome! It has been so much fun reconnecting with old friends. And I really do mean old. They're like 30 or something. How did this happen?! It sent me down memory lane.

All of a sudden I was back in junior high. We were at Malisa's for a big ole slumber party and wanted to do something adventurous. Should we give someone a "heart attack", did we dare go toilet papering? Yes. We dared.

We collected everything we would need for a successful mission and headed out in the dark. Giggling with nervous excitement. We determined the destination. All was going according to plan. The yard and trees were blanketed with toilet paper. It was exhilarating. Suddenly a man appeared, looming in the doorway. "Sarah, is that your Dad?!!!" I, err, someone, shrieked. Sweet. Have you ever toilet papered and then untoilet papered the same house? I'll admit I blew our cover. But whose idea was it to TP one of our own homes? Very daring! It sure was funny though!

See? I warned you in the title that this post was disjointed.

I'm just going to throw in a picture of Brittain w/ pigtails here. For good measure.

That's all folks. Thanks for stopping in.


Carmen said...

You are funny Dest! :)

Good to see a post on your blog again too. Although...I've been MIA myself. Anyway, glad you've had so much fun!! ;)

Malisa said...

BWAAHA!!! That is one of the funnier memories I have. We were such nerds back then, really why did we choose Sarah's house? lol

Carrie said...

You crack me up! You all actually rolled one of you own houses?!!! That is hysterical! That is very daring. The question is did you ever roll another house again? Facebook is fun at first...but I worn you, you will start to get nervous when you open your e-mail to see how many of your e-mails are Facebook requests...things like "you are tagged with a snowball fight"...I have gotten the "who are your relatives" thing like 20 times...All the same people that I said were my relatives before, still are, why do I have to do it 20 times? You are warned...Now I have to stop rambling so I can go to Facebook and request you as a friend! :)

janet said...

DUH- who taught you how to TP?? A bunch of us at work, slightly older than jr. high, decided to TP an older lady we worked with for her birthday--cus we really liked her. the next morning she didn't say a word about it and it was killing us...finally before her shift ended we had to come right out and ask her how she liked it...imagine our suprise when she cracked up and said her neighboors house had been hit NOT HERS. love the pigtails!

Patricia H. Bradley said...

what a fun time you must have had. It is hard to keep up posting with all the things we all have going in our lives but I figured it was the only way I would keep in touch with others, family, friends etc because of my lack of time. If you email me your facebook page I will make sure I put you on. If you haven't already. Thanks Pat

Destinee said...

That's funny, Mom. I forgot about that story!

Stephanie said...

Hi Destinee,

How are you? Your family is so adorable, and you do such a good job with your photography.

I didn't make it to the reunion. I was about 32 weeks pregnant and my family had a thing at Bear Lake that weekend. So, I chose to be a beached whale on the beach at the lake that weekend. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.