Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Laffy Taffy Worthy?

You decide.

Jokes in these parts have evolved. It used to be the "knock knocks" that had us laughing. This is the type of comedy that has us in stitches of late:

me: "Why did the horse go to the mall?"
answer: "To get her neigh-ls done." Get it? (I totally made that up.)

Avery followed with: "Why did the horse go downstairs?" (We keep the tools and such in the basement.)
answer: "To find some neigh-ls." Pretty funny.

But this one takes the cake...
Mason: "Why did the horse go downstairs?"
answer: "To get the ta- weezers (nieghs the word tweezers, like a horse.) You're on your own with this one. (I'll admit it had us laughing the hardest.)

I feel like a new me. I seriously hibernate during the winter. Thankfully it's not very long in these parts. Now that the sun is smiling, and the birds are singing I have a skip in my step. The other day I took Mason and Brittain to Fun Depot, they have this great soft play area that is usually jam-packed with little bodies. We had that place to ourselves for more than an hour. Mason was afraid to go down the slides himself. He usually hangs with Avery but since she was at school he convinced me to go down a couple of times. It was so much fun! Brittain laughed almost the entire time we were there. I was so bummed I didn't have my camera.

We've also been diggin' the park scene.

And the front porch.

I love this picture of Brittain! I just want to grab her out of that picture and twirl her around. She is just getting to be so much fun. Yay for sunshine!!


Gallup Family said...

I'm so jealous. It was 70 degrees here on Saturday but the kids were still recuperating from strep so we didn't go out. Then Sunday was 30 degrees and 6 inches of snow. Bring back the warm temps. I can't wait to take Adrianna out in the warm weather and let her feel the grass.

James said...

Those jokes are definitely worthy of Laffy Taffy. Those are some really cute pictures. Will you be coming out to Fort Sill when Eric is there? Maybe I can convince you to do a photo shoot of my family while you are there if you come out.

Melissa said...

I agree...definitely Laffy Taffy worthy!! Too bad the weather is not so springy today. It has been so wonderful!! Great pics!!

Carrie said...

Great jokes! I am so glad spring is here also. Jake played outside with his buddy the other day and came in smelling like he had been hung on a clothesline...you know that fresh air smell...I love it. The windows have been open several times at our house recently!

Beckii said...

I remember the knock-knocks!! Mason's such a little jokster!! Sounds like know you have a few of them though. Ditto for spring. I'm soooooooo tired of cold weather. Can I move in with you guys?

Drake, Rachel and Olivia said...

Too Funny! You should take that comedy show on the road! I love the pics of the kids. That last picture of Brittain is PRICELESS! How cute. We miss you all and wich we were there for spring in Asheville. We are supposed to get snow :( here in CO

Carmen said...

Too funny Dest! I'm glad you guys have been enjoying the warm weather...it's def nice. :) I love your pictures!! You're an amazing photographer. :)

janet said...

hmmmm, laffy taffy worthy??????
Neighhhhhhhhh.. just kiddin!! totally that off the wall.
I can't wait to get ahold of my rug-rats!! all the pictures are wonderful but that one of brittain taking a step is so cute.
love yeah

Destinee said...

Okay, Mom. Now that one made me laugh out loud. Good thing I wasn't drinking a coke. It would have been everywhere. Including out the nose.
Thanks for the comments all.

Lew said...

I LOVE your pictures, as usual. Those were some hilarious jokes. I love that Avery came up with that all on her own.
I am loving Spring too...I guess I should say I WAS loving Spring. The weather stinks today. Oh well, it'll pass soon and be back to sunny and warm.
Love ya!

MommyJ said...

oh wow those jokes are funny. The third one had me laughing the hardest too.

How bout this one? What do you call cheese that isn't yours?

Nat'cho cheese!!

Horrible, I know.

katie said...

You are hilarious those jokes were so funny! I bet you are the funnest Mom EVER!!!!

julie said...

Send some sunshine our way. Spring break was a tease and now it's freezing and windy, I hate the wind. Love the pics of the kids as always, so cute!