Saturday, April 4, 2009

Family newsletter entry turned blog

It's been forever since I've written I don't even know what we were up to the last time around. (So it really hasn't been that long but I was writing this for a family newsletter and then decided to really make it count and use it here too. And it seemed like a good idea to add all of this extra nonsensical explanation rather than just delete the first sentence.) Although it's probably not much different from what we are up to now. Fixing meals. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. (I'm thankful that we have food to eat.) Doing laundry. Washing. Folding. Putting away. (I'm thankful we have clothes to wear.) Cleaning the house. Bedrooms. Living room. Bathroom. (I'm thankful we have a home to live in.) But mostly I'm thankful for a family that requires all the afore mentioned attention.

Things are crazy slow for Ryan right now but we are so grateful that we were doing our best to build our food storage and put money in savings for a rainy day. We can definitely feel the hand of the Lord in our lives. And thankfully they (Ryan and his business partner) had a good year last year and have been able to continue to pay themselves through this month.

It has been raining like crazy here. But I'll take that over the 8 inches of snow that just landed in the Idaho Falls area! Everything is turning so beautiful and green! Ryan planted a few things in the garden today between conference sessions. The talks have been wonderful so far. Can't wait to hear more tomorrow.

Avery has two more loose teeth. Front and center. She totally tricked me into a piece of chocolate tonight, insisting that is how the last one finally came out. I made her try an apple first and should have known better when that didn't work. It was a chunk of the Baker's semisweet chocolate so no big loss. Mason was not impressed and actually gave his piece to Avery. That is saying something cause that kid will eat anything! At least when it comes to snacks.

We are working on potty training with him. Can I tell you how much fun that is? Just when I think we've made a break through I find myself swishing poopy undies in the toilet or wiping pee off the floor. We are two and a half sticker charts, one bag of Hershey kisses, and a couple of matchbox cars invested so far. Maybe he is milking the system.

Brittain is so adorable! She is seriously just getting to be so much fun. I just love to watch her in action. Especially when she is watching or playing with Avery and Mason. They can really make her light up. She's starting to give hugs and she loves to play peekaboo. She loves, loves when I say "doggie" and then proceed to pant so I do that several hundred times a day just to see her smile. You could say she has me wrapped around her teeny little finger. And just so no one gets the idea that I have a favorite or anything, she can totally Drive Me Crazy too! One minute she's cooing and the next she is flat out screeching because she can't reach something. Or, heaven forbid, I took away a pencil or my cell phone. She sounds like a baby dinosaur. Not that I really know what that sounds like but I imagine it is very similar.

And that's a wrap.


MommyJ said...

Your nonsensical explanation... and then your justification of your nonsensical explanation made me laugh out loud. :)

Jordan came out of his room once after bedtime with a loose tooth, bothered by it's wiggling... he insisted it wiggled on it's own, and not just when he pushed on it. Anyway, he was really tired and sort of cranky, and literally fell apart because he couldn't get the tooth out. Crying... HUGE tears. Because it was bothering him. It went on and on and on... and then I reached in his mouth with a piece of dental floss and snapped the tooth right out of his whiny little head. He was so shocked! But the crying stopped. True story. I'm lucky it worked on my first attempt...

Okay. moving on. Potty training. Not looking forward to doing that again.

Brittain is adorable. I have nothing to add to that. Just total agreement.

Okay. I've totally hijacked your comment section. I'm done now. :)

Gallup Family said...

Nice post. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for all of the "everyday chores" that I do.

Sarah has two loose teeth and we've tried everything to get them out...they're just hanging on and she's so whiny about it. I pray they will fall out soon.

Good luck on the potty training. I remember pulling my hair out trying to potty train Jaden...boys are so much harder! I am not looking forward to potty training Luke and therefore, keep putting it off. I know he's close because he will go sit in the corner to do his business and then tell me right away he wants it off.

Hope all goes well :)

Kris said...

This post made me smile. I'm enjoying your blog so much and love your writing. I too am glad that we haven't gotten snow, like IF did. So, so glad. Potty training is a pain. I hate everything about it. Good Luck. What does your husband do? I hope that his work starts to pick up soon! Your description of Brittain screaming sounds just like my Porter. The high pitched scream is enough to make me crazy!

Carmen said...

You always have the best writing style Dest! You should totally write a book...I would so buy it. ;)

I'm so scared for when Caleb gets "loose teeth"...and I have no idea why? I think Ronnie is going to be handling all that. lol
And I'm not looking forward to potty training Jakey, either. I feel like I just got done with Caleb, (I just did it, last year!). Although, I think Jakey will be easier. He already wants to pretend he is going potty, and he actually likes sitting on the "big potty" with the little seat to help. Hmmm...Mmmkay, now I'm rambling...

Melissa said...

I too am so thankful for your reminder of gratitude in those everyday monotonous things that keep us stay at home mothers in business. :)

I can't believe Avery has already lost teeth. I don't think Katelund even has any loose ones. Maybe I should check on that.

Potty not fun. I think Mason is a smart boy if he's milking the system. I think I would if I was getting chocolate.

Brittain...definitely ADORABLE!!!

Can't wait to see you Thursday. You're so sweet!!!!