Thursday, May 14, 2009

On turning 30

So, earlier this week I turned thirty. THREE- ZERO! It was a piece of cake. Ha. (Upside down German Chocolate if you want specifics.) I was writing a list about myself of "thirty things you never knew you wanted to know" but it proved to be too much work. I got stuck on #21. And a few before that were a stretch. Instead, I'll just share a few highlights from my nearly a month of celebrating.

-Yes. Nearly a month. My parents came to visit back in April and took me out for a birthday dinner at Papas and Beer! It was fantastic. Then we had Molten Lava cakes and played Settlers of Zarahemla late into the night.

-That got the ball rolling. Avery and/or Mason made me a birthday card nearly everyday from April 18th until my actual birthday, May 11th, 24 days later. That's a lot of cards folks. At church, Mason scribbled me a note then read it to me, "this is for your birthday, Happy Birthday. Mom I love you." Aaww.

My favorite one from Avery was in the form of a poem:
I thot you wode like this pooeem so lisin to it klooslee (closely) and see what you can find.

run run as fast as you can
you can't catch me I am the birthday girl
I like your giggle
I like your smile
you are lokee (lucky) to be 30
30 30 30 lokee pants 30 30 30
I love you

At 30, you probably could catch me, but I really love that poem! She also sketched a cute little birthday gingerbread girl, party hat and all.

-I took a road trip with a rad girlfriend for the day. It made for some good memories. Even if I did get car sick several times and my friend was attacked by a woolly spider.

-Then I went to Time Out For Women (the fact that it was scheduled the weekend before my birthday was just icing on the cake!!) It was the perfect excuse to leave my children, whom I love dearly, and my husband, whom I also love dearly to fend for themselves, err, I mean spend quality time alone together. This event really deserves a post of its own but I'm afraid that might not happen. Let me just say it was amazing!! A temple session, great food, Michael McLean (he had me laughing so hard one minute and then sobbing audibly the next. Awesome.), a hotel suite, 5 amazing women that I love, and hearing birds chirp before we finally could not stay awake for a second longer. Followed by more great food and speakers on Saturday.

Back on the home front, Ryan and the kids decked the place out! Avery blew up 24 balloons by herself. (She was quite proud of that accomplishment.) And Ryan finished up with streamers and a homemade disco ball! Suh-weet! Then at long last my birthday arrived. We had a bbq (sorry, I mean cookout) with some friends then we danced the night away to all the hits from 1979. Okay, we didn't actually dance (well, maybe just a little) but Ryan had the tunes playing in the background. It was the perfect ending to a much anticipated (at least by the kiddos) day.
Thanks babe for such a fun night! And a fun post (I can't believe I missed posting the 100th post.) The only disappointment is that ya'll weren't able to feel these pants. Velvet baby! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Mom, I think the bod in the last post belongs to Madonna.


MommyJ said...

Oh my goodness, where did you find those clothes?! I love this post. I love that your house was so wonderfully decorated. I love your velvet pants and Ryan's white belt. Awesome.

I loved time out too. Every single second of it! Except for when I was sick. But we don't really need to talk about that do we?

katie said...

Happy Birthday! Man we are getting so old I'm turning the big 3-0 next month. I still remember when we were little and played together, how old were we then 5 or6 maybe? Crazy how fast time flys by. Glad you had a great day!

Carmen said...

I'm loving this!! Esp those pictures...and the clothes. And where did you guys find those clothes? :) lol
Sounds like you've had a happy birthday month! I hope the months to come are just as happy!!

janet said...

dang, we should have schudeled our vacation for the REAL PARTY... I think my clothes would fit right in!! Your house looks great and so do you guys! (I wanted to see all the layer of differant color socks.) Madonna huh??? I was way off!

Anica said...

What an awesome 30th birthday party! I love the clothes! :)

rad6 said...

Oh baby... and I mean baby... thirty all of a sudden sounds young. SCAREY for me! Congrats. Looks like you soaked it, as you should. I love your blog. Your children sound amazing. If they are making you cards everyday... well, I can just tell.
Happy Birthday! Your Man is adorable going with the whole disco theme!

The Arrrrrgalls said...

Sooooo glad that you had such a great birthday. You deserve it!! Sorry that I wasn't able to make it to your "cook-out", buy the time Brint figured out what time he was going to leave for school that night, he was already running late and left me at home. Glad I got to see you that morning. Would have loved to see everyone in their 70s wear. Darn!!

Heather said...

Wow Destinee!! I am still amazed at how you guys can throw parties. I miss those. The disco party looks like so much fun and I do love the clothes!