Sunday, November 29, 2009

I love this book!

I was just chatting with my sis-in-law, swapping books we like, and I remembered that I wanted to share this book I stumbled across with y'all. It is such a cute story! And I love, love, love the illustrations! (Especially at the beginning. Sample from the web below.)

I'd love to hear what you're reading. We are always on the look out for new reads. Children's books or otherwise! Leave me a comment with your faves!


Gallup Family said...

The kids current fave is "Tackylocks". It is hilarious and Jaden is always running around hollering, "I've got it by the beak!" Now you'll have to read it right :)

I am currently reading a little book called "All is Bright". I got it at Deseret Book and it has a few true stories written by LDS authors. I try to read one story a gives me a little spiritual boost and rejuvination before I go to bed.

I also recommend "The Christmas Jars" this time of year if you haven't already read it. I am about to start reading the second book in the series. Absolutely wonderful story. I read it in one sitting!

Carrie said...

Have you all read the "Bear" books? Jake humors me and says he likes them as much as I do. He loved them a few years ago,but he is getting to old (sigh..)for them. I still buy them every time a new one comes out. We have "Bear Snores on", "Bear Stays up for Christmas", "Bears New Friend"...A couple more I can't think of because I really should be sleeping but can't for some reason...I love them. Your kiddos will love them too. I am and always will be a die hard Berenstein Bears fan!
I am stuck back on the Twilight series again! Curse these movies coming out and making me have to read the book again to see how much they left out. :)

Carrie said...

I forgot-I am loving the pictures from Mars Needs Moms! The boys face is so precious and you can tell that dog is his best friend. Dogs love boys. I love good illustrations!

Stephanie said...

Our favorites at the moment are "Moostache" by ? (I'm sure I got it through Scholastic) and "What was I scared of?" by Dr. Seuss.

andrea said...

Whit loves Pinkalicious, purplicious, and golidilicious. And of course Fancy Nancy.

Both kids like the Magic Tree House series.

Brandon is reading the Chronicles of Narnia.

I LOVED The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. GREAT read. Also heard that I need to read Hunger Games, but haven't got my hands on it yet.

julie said...

It was so nice getting to finally chat in person with you the other day! I honestly can't wait to take the kids to the library now, it is so nice to have some great referals! I also came across a great holiday book/tradition on You can use your own books along with library ones to get enough to make it work. You wrap up each Christmas book so that there is no arguing about which book to read first. Then you choose and unwrap one each day and read it for their bedtime story. One each day until Christmas! Check out the website for other great holiday tradition ideas! I love it!
Some other great books we are loving are, Hank the cow dog (series), The Froggy books by (Jonathan London), The kissing hand by (Audrey Penn) and Sylee is engrossed in Little house on the prarie (series). Thanks again for all the wonderful reads! Love ya!

Destinee said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! Some of them are alread favorites and I can't wait to try them out.
Andrea, I read The Hunger Games not long ago and I loved it!