Friday, January 29, 2010

Christmas- in a word

Last year the word was sticky. This year was sweet.

We had the missionaries and some friends over for Christmas Eve dinner (yummy chimichangas and guacamole, which I could eat for days!) and games. We played Christmas pictionary. When it was Avery's turn, she drew a picture of a little girl holding a book talking to another girl who had a caption over her head that said "Wow". After several wrong guesses from the crowd Avery explained that the first little girl was telling the second girl about the true meaning of Christmas.

It was a super late night by the time the fun was over. Avery put together a plate for Santa and his reindeer. The note read:
"Dear Santa
I can't believe it is Christmas all ready and How fast it comes and go's. I have a little Poem, well in a minit my mom is busy and my dad is to. We left some treats out hope you and your randeyr... (then I must have finished up with what I was doing because she skipped right back to the poem)
Mary knows and marvels. Joseph's certain too. You can read the rest in the book."

(Then she left a copy of The Friend , a church magazine for children, turned to a poem we had read earlier in the week. Here's the rest of the poem:

by Linda Hoffman Kimball

Mary knows and marvels. Joseph's certain too.
Their baby is the Son of God. The promise has come true.

There are few who know it. Some wise men from afar
Come searching for the Savior by following a star.

Shepherds on the hillside hear angels sing with joy.
They hurry to the manger and kneel before the boy.

Perhaps a dove or donkey, perhaps a cow or lamb
Recognize the Master in the tiny great I Am.

Then Simeon and Anna, so old and very wise,
See the true Redeemer in the little baby's eyes.

The Peacemaker is Jesus! Let Israel's glory shine!
He will bless all nations. Oh, praise the Lord divine!

We are also witnesses of God's great gift to earth.
We know that Jesus is the Christ-
Come celebrate His birth!

You can see why I suggested she just leave The Friend rather than copy the whole thing!)

Finally all the darlings were off to bed. Morning dawned, but not too early. (I'm guessing our midnight bedtimes played a role in that.) Around 8 o'clock we heard some whispering in the living room. We stayed in bed another 20 minutes. Then we figured the kids had been patient long enough. Earlier in the week Ryan had the brilliant idea to let the kids each pick out their own breakfast cereal. They had been anticipating bowls overflowing with Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms for days. They were so excited about the cereal that they actually chose to eat breakfast before opening presents.

After we finished up breakfast we watched this video a handful of times. And talked about Jesus Christ and His birth. Avery and Mason asked to watch it over and over.

We eventually got to the gifts.

Mason got his much hoped for Nutcracker. He was super excited. (He later voiced that he wished it had crackers. One step closer to solving that mystery?) He was equally excited for his new underwear, which looked like Disney/Pixar had thrown up all over it. Santa misjudged his bum and accidentally brought size 6. Which would technically fit his older sister but she refused them. We've since replaced them with the appropriate size. I guess Santa can pull the others back out in a couple of years!

Brittain had a mouth Full of candy and a gift in each hand. She was set. She had considerable help from her siblings opening her remaining gifts as her hands were occupied. Her doggie and stroller were a huge success! (I had to stitch the stroller back together the very next day. Apparently it is more fun to ride in than to push.)

Avery was more excited about what she picked out for me and Mason than she was about opening presents. At least at first. The girl cannot keep a secret though so I had a pretty good idea what was "in the box." For me, silky bath beads. And for Mason, a dinosaur egg that dissolved in the tub to reveal a baby T-Rex. Both big hits!

Ryan got a remote controlled helicopter that actually flies. Flew. For about 20 minutes before it crashed and burned. Sad.

We spent a very relaxing day playing with toys and watching "Up", in which I bawled. Like a baby. The whole dog thing was a little weird but the love story was just so lovely.
It was a wonderful day. Full of gratitude and love.

A picture of the 3 kiddo's in their new pj's from gma and gpa gallup:
Mason's tent from gma/gpa blau was a huge hit with all the kids.

Phew.... done. And it isn't even February yet.


MommyJ said...

The cereal thing is a brilliant idea.. .but seriously. Did one of your kids pick cracklin oat bran? I mean, it's good and all, but not quite in line with the lucky charms/reese's puffs that I think my kids would be eating!

Love all the pictures. They are all so stinkin adorable.

And... April 15th! That's my magic baby day. Happy to have it on the calendar, even though it's a little later than I thought it was going to be.

Eric and Beckii said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Avery is so funny! Love you guys! I like the teamwork idea!

janet said...

That is so sweet that Avery was so focused on the real meaning of Christmas. What great parents she has to teach her! I can not believe how big my grandkids are!! The tent looks way more fun than pj's----I may have to rethink my Christmas presents.

janet said...

Hey, I like what I can see of your new dinning room set!

Destinee said...

Confession. The Cracklin Oat Bran is mine. I totally participated in the cereal thing. I LOVE that stuff!

Stephanie said...

That sounds like a great Christmas! Hope you are feeling well with the little one on the way!

Anonymous said...

^^ 謝謝你的分享,祝你生活永遠多彩多姿!.........................

Carmen said...

Way sweet post!! And I thought that looked like a new table! I was looking at the cereal pic wondering... :)
You know what's funny? My boys were more excited about cereal we got from my Mom one day while she was out shopping than they were about their Christmas presents. (Go figure?) And that is hilarious about Mason and his nutcracker with no crackers! LOL
Your kids are so adorable and I always love to see your pictures.
Miss you!

Armando Codina said...

I just sat that i Love you guys! I like the teamwork idea! keep it up.