Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolution Smesolution or whatever...

Another year come and gone. Time for reflection and setting goals.
Being pregnant, I was excited about not having to include any weight loss or diet restrictions this year. And then I went to my midwifery appointment.

I stepped onto the scale. Then stepped off. Wait, what?! And had to step back on the scale to see if I had just misread the numbers. I had not. When I reported the grim results to my midwife she said, and I quote, "Whoa, where did that come from?!"
At the time, I hung my head in embarrassment. Later I thought, "how rude!"

And that was before Christmas. I shudder to think what the last couple of weeks might add to the scales. As I huffed and puffed into bed the other night my dear husband asked me if I was winded from climbing into bed. (He's lucky, I guess, that I didn't roll over on him!)

Anyway, long story short, it turns out I will have to add some kind of exercise routine and healthier eating into my new year's resolutions for 2010 after all. Because really. I can barely breathe. And I'm only over the halfway mark by two weeks.

I'll start tomorrow. For sure. Just as soon as I polish off the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies calling my name in the kitchen.

ETA: Any great exercise routines or recipes for a pregnant lady?

ETA take 2: (Thanks for all the comments.
So, this was for another post but it will save me from writing it. Unless I decide to anyway. Yes, Ryan was released on Sunday! (I feel slightly guilty about the exclamation point at the end of that last sentence.) I'm looking forward to what adventures this new year will bring. When Ryan came to sit with us Sunday after he was released Brittain kept squealing, "Daddy, Daddy" It was really sweet.)


Marsha said...

Halfway mark. Holy Cow you are tiny! I wouldn't worry about the scale. Glad you have your husband back. I am sure it will be great having him sit with you on sundays. Not too mention helping you get the kids ready and driving in together. It was really strange seeing Ruby and Mason and Jarred all in their sunbeam class sunday. I can't believe how fast they have grown.

Melissa said...

Was Ryan released??? I had an appointment today and I did my usual...stepped on the scale, turned my head, and pretended that I wasn't being weighed. Usually they just write the number down and then I get off without asking or wanting to know what it said because after all I have been pregnant during Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, and New Year's Eve...but today I had a different nurse. One that apparently felt the need to tell me my weight when I obviously did not care to know. But, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be...but still definitely getting up there. Oh well, it is all for a good cause and it will come off eventually...especially for you!!! I swear you look incredible after like 2 days!! Go enjoy those cookies!

MommyJ said...

Seriously... I'm ready for the inside scoop on potential husband releasings...

As to the weight loss (as if you, of all people, actually need to worry) I could come over and share the nasty stomach bug we've all been dealing with. I've barfed four out of my last seven dinners... so I'm pretty sure I haven't gained any this week... perhaps even lost a few! No worries though, I'm better, and the rest of the kids too. Only Henry is still barfy, and only every once in a while.

Sorry the extremely disgusting comment. :) Was coming to town tomorrow for an appointment but am rescheduling due to the uh, barfiness still going on... I'll let you know when we're all better and my appointment is rescheduled. :)

Love you dearly.

InkMom said...

I already know the official scoop, stake RS calling and all that . . . but PLEASE tell me the good news is just serendipity instead of something awful like moving.

(And I'm no help on the weight gain/loss thing. When I wasn't trying to lose any, it fell off, and now that I'm actually trying, it's finding its way back on. Not fun. At all.)

rad6 said...

I have great advice... BLOW it off... eat what you want. I gained over 60 pounds every time just because that is what my body did. Sometimes I ate healthy, other pregnancies, I just threw my hands up and said whatever... by the 4th or 5th one I realized I was going to gain a lot of weight and then just lose it after.
BTW, I think the huffing and puffing also comes with the subsequent pregnancies and a little age.
When we are 20, being pregnant is really not so hard on the body!
Enjoy, eat and love that baby... worry about the rest later.

rad6 said...

BTW, your kids are SOOOO cute, you should have 12!!

Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

First of all, I'm sure that you look darling. Second, I'm so glad I'm not pregnant:) It is so hard. I always got winded. And, I always had that month where I gained a that makes us normal! Hang in there, soon you'll be holding your new little one and breathing normal again.

Kris said...

I wouldn't worry about the weight while being pregnant. It's probably just water anyways. So exciting that you are halfway there! Happy New Year Destinee!

Carmen said...

Okay, I am going to throw my question in too--Is Ryan released as Pres?? ;) And on that topic, are you still in Primary? (Sorry, just covering my bases). ():)

Alright now...YOU are not overweight by any means. I swear, when I saw you in November I could barely tell you were preggo. I, on the other hand swelled up like a balloon with both my boys. With Caleb I gained close to 55 pounds!! (YIKES! Did I say that?) Seriously though, if you did put on weight like you say, you might slow down from here on out. My Drs told me that some women put on a bunch of weight at once (over a month or two) and then it tapers off slowly. And like the others said, I was winded too. Esp towards the end of my pregnancy 5-6 months+. I could barely read scriptures without having to take a breath after every word! (Ask Ronnie, he knows how long it took for me to finish my turn). :)
Hope you guys have a good 2010!

BTW, sorry I have no exercise tips while pregnant or recipes. :(

Carmen said...

Rereading that....
I should Drs told me that b/c I was one of those women who went in for a monthly check-up and put on like 7 pounds in a month's time, (with Caleb). Sorry, I don't mean to sound like "Yeah, Dest you have put on weight." Just IF you did...maybe you reached your peak like me, and will not put on any more at future appointments. :)