Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The amazing Nicole V.

So, Nicole is an incredible photographer. Among other things. And she's offering her workshop. For FREE!! To one lucky winner. Here's to hoping it's me.

Seriously. This would be life altering. I just know it!

Anyway, check out her amazing talent here.


alison said...

Destinee, Just a quick question, as I am SO simple in my blogging techniques! How did you get your title to have 4 different picture spots on it? (3 of the kids and one for the quote)?

Destinee said...

Hi Alison!
I actually put the pics together in photoshop so it's actually only 1 image if that makes sense. A collage really.

Destinee said...

I would love to help you w/ it if you have some images you want to use.

Megan said...

Sound interesting to do some photos with him.Thank you for the info.

carry said...

Thanks for letting us know about Nicole. I will try to win. Anyways, Thanks for the share.

Pamela said...

ohh..This is great. I would love to know her more..Thanks