Sunday, August 29, 2010


Nostalgic. That is how I feel today.

I miss our family.

And Chapel is growing way too quickly. I miss her baby-ness.

She loves to play with her feet.

And roll over.

She smiles the second anyone pays her any attention. She laughs and it's adorable.

Now, if only there were some grandparents close enough to kiss her cheeks and squish on her thighs until she squeals.

This is random but I LOVE this song. And it is adding to the melancholy. (Thanks for introducing it, Lew!)


The Staley Family said...

DESTINEE!!!(Singing your name!)I miss you all and Chapel is so big! She looks different the the other..or at least Brittain does she look more like mason? Anyway, Your haircut story-hilarious! I am so sorry. I just chopped my too. I still have the chunk that you are missing though! But you totally can't tell if you turn you head just like that. There is a sister missionary here that was a hair styist and she said she would come cut my hair (for free!) I could resist-free and my hair was horrible. I was sitting in the chair chatting asking about her haircutting history and she was like, "I hadn't cut women's hair for 30 years till we came here." do you politely ask her to stop!? Needless to say it came out okay, but I was sweating! Wish we could stay up laughing about it together. We miss you guys SOOOOOOO SOOOOO SOOOOO much! Pinch those cheeks and squish some thigh for Aunt Coco( Chapel's that is). Love and miss you all!

janet said...

Look at Chapel!! She is so big. and she totally looks more like Mason than the other girls. I am hoping to come kiss those round cheeks!!

Kris said...

Your baby is so cute. I have those days too where you just really miss family. Hang in there. Love your blog.

Elizabeth said...

you baby is so cute!! He is so beautiful! God bless him.