Friday, October 8, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

I've been noticing a stench around these parts the last few days. Especially first thing in the morning. As the day wears on it would become barely noticeable.
Until today. No, today I ran errands, which involved leaving the house and breathing fresh air. When I returned home I was nearly knocked off my feet by the putrid smell that enveloped me upon opening the front door. WHAM!

I looked around at the mess that surrounded me and decided I had better get to work. First things first, out with the garbage. Dishes washed. Laundry started. Nothing seemed to be helping. (Nine times out of ten the old sniff test leads me to a bag of rotting potatoes in the pantry. No such luck today.) I considered mopping. In fact, I was ready to bring in the hose and just go to town. Except I had kids that needed me for other things.

Eventually Ryan got home from work and I told him I just could not find where the horrid smell was coming from. That is when he confessed.

"I poured milk in the planters. For nourishment. You know?"

Oh, of course! (Are you Crazy?!!)

I promptly moved the plants outside. Problem solved.

And to think, I almost mopped my floors.


andrea said...


Your plants are going to have the strongest bones of any houseplants in the neighborhood!

Oh, and our last game of "guess the smell" was won by a liquifying bag of potatoes. Ewwwww.

MommyJ said...

Oh my holy heavens, that's funny.

I was ten minutes away from taking my car in for a two hundred dollar detailing job when I found the source of the putrid smell that was ruining every single drive I took anywhere... it was an empty sippy cup stuck under the front passenger seat. Empty, except for the drop or two of milk still stuck in the little spill proof plastic thingy that you stick into the lid. I couldn't believe such a small amount of milk could make my car smell so horrible. I can't imagine what a big dose of milk poured into a houseplant could do!

janet said...

When I read the title I was trying to figure out which child this post was going to be about!!! good thing Ryan got home when he did and saved you from mopping or he would really have been in trouble.

Stephanie said...

Milk in the plantars? That's crazy! At least he knew what it was from and you're not still wondering.

The Staley Family said...

What a dork!!!(Ryan that is-little sister's that live many states away can say that) Ha, ha, I was totally going for the potatoes been there done that or a rotting poopy diaper under the couch or something. I have never heard of milk in the planters...does it help? Really, where did he think of that. Let me just say, like father like son. I could totally see my dad doing something like that! HA HA!

Remodelaholic said...

Phew! At least you didn't mop! Who likes mopping I ask you!

Hope you are doing well! We had the same type of issue but it was with fruit flys and we couldn't get rid of them. Well it turns out it was a bag of potatoes in the laundry room, which I keep in the fridge now but Justin put them in the pantry.... He got to clean up the mess!

Ry said...

The rest of the story (actually - the first of the story). I made up a glass of "milk" from powder because we were out of milk and the kids wanted some mac and cheese. No one would touch the left over "milk" because reconstituted dried milk really is disgusting. So I had a little left over and gave it to the plants. Kind of like how people with house pets give them the leftover table scraps - we don't have pets, just the plants. I had also read that, as a matter of fact, it is not totally insane to give your houseplants a little moo-juice once in a while as it contains useful amounts of three main plant nutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K).

Destinee said...

Apparently reconstituted dried milk is disgusting. And also, it smells really bad.
(Pouring milk in a planter is so not the same as feeding it to a pet.)
I'm glad our plants will be healthy! Maybe in a few days (or decades) they will be allowed back inside!
Love you,babe. And I still think it's crazy.

Carmen said...


You guys crack me up!!

Kristen said...

That is so funny! Good thing he saved you from the floors. I think for good measure He should get to do the honors!!

Have a great day!

Carol at WRESA said...

MILK! What was he thinking!!!!

julie said...

Agreed, mopping is the WORST!

What is with mysterious smells as of late? Your house, Crystal's house,(mystery still being investigated), and my car...although it's the same smell, just sparatically, which is a horribly annoying game!
Needless to say we can feel your pain sista! I could almost smell your post as I read it, no doubt due to the array of smells I have experienced both personalally and by thourough description as of late!.
Glad you solved the case, and Ryan, I would love to read more from that "source",fascinating stuff to be learned! Ha Ha! Love you all, you always keep us laughing with you!

Anonymous said...

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