Friday, December 17, 2010

Better than turkey

Can I still blog about Thanksgiving if I've already jumped ahead to Christmas?

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving with some of our favorite people from the branch. The food was fab. I can say that because everyone brought something to share. Turkey- slightly dry but nothin' my neighbors amazing cranberry salsa couldn't fix. Ryan made a jalapeno popper dip that was Out of this World!

I splurged on Claussen pickles for the veggie tray. I'm not the only one who appreciated that little detail. We thought it would be funny to give Chapel a taste and watch her reaction. The joke was on us though because she loved that thing! She gnawed it down to nothing.

I just love this next one. This is our grandma away from home.


janet said...

Oh I want to hug Chapel! I wouldn't mind giving Sister Pike a hug either. She is such a sweet lady!

Melissa said...

What a SWEET picture!!! There is nothing better than a substitute Grandma (well, except for the real one of course):) Sounds like a great Thanksgiving. By the way, I love your disco Christmas tree. I always do white lights, but I really like the way that the colored looks. Maybe I'll have to change it up a bit next year.

Josh and Angela Juett said...

She has gotten so big and so adorable..