Thursday, March 3, 2011

This kid melts my heart

(and also, someone besides Chapel needs some face time on the blog!)

Mason will be starting kindergarten this fall. This is the thought that keeps popping into my mind at odd times throughout the days, sending me into a panic. That's not enough time. Not enough time to teach him, and to play, and to snuggle up with stories on the couch. I'm thankful for the reminders, before he's gone most of the day. I need to spend more time playing.

This boy is obsessed with all things Mario. Grandma and Grandpa gave us a Wii for Christmas. It's a total blast. But... we've had to limit playing days to Friday and Saturday (and special family time) but even when it's turned off he runs and jumps around the house, shouting he got "a big" (mushroom) or star power. He's renamed Brittain "Baby Peach". In the car, every time he sees a flag it means he passed a level. Sometimes he'll take a break and just draw pictures of Mario and Luigi. It's insane. Really.

Soccer starts this week! I'm looking forward to the distraction!


Jenny G said...

He would get along with Jack. That kid is in love with Mario Brothers. But, maybe he got it from me...remember when we used to stay up nearly the whole night playing? Wow, flashback!

Don't introduce him to Donkey Kong, it will just get worse:)

janet said...

Mason is getting so big!! Cute.
it seems like just yesterday he was looking for magwa!!

C. Leah said...

No joke--at this very moment, my boys are playing 'Mario Cart' on the Wii. ;) (Of course, we are ahead +14 hours).
He is SO cute, Destinee! Jacob starts Kindergarten this fall, too. I'm so sad b/c I won't have any more babies at home! :(

Destinee said...

Jenny- I totally remember those late nights playing super nintendo.
Thanks Mom and C. That is crazy you'll have the whole (school) day to yourself! We miss you guys!