Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas cookies. Check!

The cookies are made...

My kids love to bake goodies. They (argue) negotiate who gets to put in which ingredient. "But you did the sugar last time." "Mom, can I put in the flour?" "It's my turn to mix it first." The list goes on. And on. Until at last we're down to the chocolate chips. Then everyone is more concerned with getting a handful of chocolate than whose turn it is to put them in the bowl.

The last time we made cookies of the chocolate chip variety, I was fumbling through the messy cupboard that is congested with cookbooks, spices, and prescriptions (that are most likely expired), not finding the ingredient I needed, I said, "Oh Kay- rap!!"

That's when Brittain, who is happy to help with any job, piped in, "can I put the Kay- rap in Mama?"

She's funny. We've been laughing about that one for a while now.

Merry Christmas! I hope it is peaceful, bright, and full of love!

(on a side note. What happened to my header?! Oh well. It's slightly outdated as I now have 4 children and new baby is closer to 2 yrs. than 1. Yikes!)


T said...

so glad you are back
love trixie

josh said...

Chapel is so grown:( Wow its been a long time! Your Family is as cute as ever! Hope you are doing well!

C. Leah said...

Love it!! Miss you guys!! <3