Thursday, May 31, 2012

Never a dull moment

Brittain is a born performer. She likes the limelight. She's constantly telling us she's going to be a super star. Lately though she's been enraptured with taking pictures with my phone. Her favorite subject is her Kangaroo. (I know because I currently have approximately 501 pictures of her Kangaroo on my phone.)

The other morning she snapped a picture of Ryan and I. Later she said, "Mom, wasn't that so cute? That picture of you and your husband? That was so sweet. You're his wife and he's your husband." 

She's funny.

So, I was sharing the dialogue with Ryan. He asked Brittain if she was going to be a photographer. She said, "No, when I grow up I'm going to be a Mom." So he reminded her about her dream of becoming a super star. "Oh, I'm going to be that for Halloween!" she sighed.  Try as we might, we just can't keep up.


The Staley Family said...

Ha, Ha, Ha! She is so cute. Ez loves taking pictures right now too. I always have a bunch of crazy things on there when I go to download them. Sometimes is fun to look at though to see what he is try to capture! That makes me laugh about you and Ryan and her knowing husband and wife. Ez couldn't quite figure out how we all went together when G and G Blau were here. Justin was my dad. G'ma was G'pa's mom and vice versa. Silly boy. We tried to explain but he would have none of it! It cracks me up when he will call either of us honey. Such a fun age. I bet she will be a superstar! Sounds like she is quite the gymnast! Love and miss you all!

C. Leah said...

That is too cute! She is a doll just like all your kiddos! Can't wait to see you guys soon!