Friday, March 15, 2013

Face Value

This one, he melts my heart.

Early in January I was helping Mason with his shoes for school. He was quite grumpy and it was like pulling teeth to figure out what the problem was. I knew it was club day at school and he usually loves that. Finally he admitted he had signed up for Theatre and he did NOT want to go. (This is the kid who sings his heart out in primary, knows every word, but when it's program time and actual people are watching, he loses it. He managed to pull it off last year and make it through but the year before he actually dove off stage into my arms mid-song!)

I could not believe he had willingly signed up to participate in Theatre. Deeper into the conversation he admitted he thought it meant he'd be going to the movies every other Friday! Ha! Now it all makes sense. Poor little guy.

This is the same kid, who at two, asked for cookies, and when I told him we didn't have any, he dragged me to the fridge, pulled out the butter box with a picture of the perfect chocolate chip cookie, and said, "yes we do, see!"

He'll be performing in the play "The Ocean Olympics" at the end of the month. And while it's not what he "signed up for", he's been working really hard at memorizing all of his lines. This kid is ready to take on the world. Or at least center stage for a day.

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Julie said...

Haha love it! He is so darn cute!!!