Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mason's Top 5

5. Cookies, candy, basically Anything w/ sugar!

4. Playing in water (tub or swimming)

3. They Might Be Giants!

2. Mawga (translation: Grandma)

1. Binky
Sidenote: I'm sure he loves "Mawga" (both of them) more than his binky. But he gets to see Binky everyday. He was even happy/excited to see it in this pic!


Gallup Family said...

Luke completely agrees with the binky, grandma "mama" (emphasis on the first ma), and water. It's amazing how much the two are alike...hehe. We can't wait to see you guys in about a month. Woohoo!

Carmen said...

Those are some of Jakey's favorites too! :) (Esp the binky-but Jakey calls his "pappy.")

What is "They might be Giants?" A movie?

Destinee said...

Carmen- They Might Be Giants is a totally awesome band that Ryan introduced me to. Now he's got the kids hooked to. They have a couple of kids cd's about #'s and letters. They do a free podcast every Fri. night! Google "TMBG". Catchy stuff!

janet said...

I gotta get ahold of that boy!! I will have plenty of sugar on hand for him! I love all these pictures. Avery is getting so grown-up.