Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Drive down Memory Lane

First Offense

Many, many years ago when my driver's license was still a novelty, my parents headed out of town leaving my 3 brothers and myself with Grandma C. Only like, the best Grandma. Ever. It was such a fun weekend, filled with Rummikub and SkipBo (pronounced skip-boo by Grandma).

I remember getting off work and taking the scenic route back to Grandma's. Which included driving past her house to Fred Meyer's to see if a certain boyfriends car was in the employee parking lot. Just for kicks. I don't remember now if it was or not but that is hardly the point of this post. Perhaps I should have just left that detail out. Moving on...

So I was fly-driving. Listening to my music. Loud. Singing. Loud. And busting a move from my seatbelt up. And just not paying attention in general. Which explains how I missed the police car, including the siren, which apparently was not as loud as my music, and the red and blue flashing lights. I finally took notice of those when I parked the car in my Grandma's driveway and happened to glance up at the rearview mirror. It turned out to be a good thing the officer had to follow me home because I soon discovered that I was driving without my driver's license. He allowed me to run inside and grab the license but then I had to sit in the back of his car. Behind the bars, while he wrote out a ticket that said something about going 50 in a 35. Could have been worse. He could have given me a citation for dancing while driving blindly.

Oh, did I mention that my aunt and uncle lived directly across the street from Grandma? They both came running across the street to see what was wrong. Let's just make this a family affair, shall we? I remember wanting to crawl in a hole.

That was my first run in with the law. What's your story?

Click to read Inkmom's too-long-to-comment-(hilarious) encounter with the law (part 1). Can't wait for part 2! I am laughing so hard!

And you can read Beckii's here. Also funny. I'm so glad we can look back and laugh although the moment was mortifying.

And this has nothing to do with the above post but I finally posted some pics of my kids here. And they do not have diapers on their heads. Yay!


Carmen said...

Oh my goodness Destinee! You were very fortunate in that situation! 50 in 35, huh? Somehow I just can't see you going that fast? ;)

Um, so I don't really have a law story...yeah, I'm lame and boring like that. I did have a lady hit my car in the Chick-fil-A parking lot when I was 20 or 21 though. ():)

MommyJ said...

Oh dear. Must I really share? My first run in with the law was actually a lot like yours. I was brand new sixteen... driving to my friends house to pick her up so we could go shopping. Right in front of my high school, I got pulled for going 60 in a 45. The cop asked me where I went to school... I pointed to the high school right there in front of me. The cop said, "Huh. So you drive this road everyday?" I said, "Yes, sir." He smirked, and said, "Do you speed on it every day?"

I was mortified. I cried the whole way to my friends house. Apparently though, I didn't feel bad enough to not go shopping. I distinctly remember deciding NOT to tell my parents until after I went to the mall, so they wouldn't make me come home early.

I had to take a defensive driving course for that one... I don't think I HAD to, but it kept it from going on my record. The class was awesome.

I had to introduce myself like it was an AA meeting. My name is Mommyj. I'm a bad driver. I was going 62 in a 45.

Beckii said...

I LOVE it!! I'll have to remember mine??

Beckii said...

Seriously, Dest, let me know if there's anything you want me to show you (I didn't spend 5 days in a row in front of the computer for nothing!). It's actually not that hard once you learn how to do it and I'd love to share; I don't have 3 little monkeys running around yet, so I have a little spare time.

InkMom said...

Okay, I just right now erased my entire comment because it was longer than your post. This tells me I really feel the need to tell this story, so I will -- on my own blog, on my next post. I promise not to keep you in suspense for too long!

Gallup Family said...

Okay, I am totally knocking on wood through this whole post so I don't jinx myself. I have never been pulled over when I was driving. I've been in the car three times when the car was pulled over though. Once on graduation night my girlfriend was going 45 in a 35 zone. The officer warned us and sent us on our way to our party. Next was in college on a road trip, the driver was going 100 on the freeway. The cop threatened him that he was going to take him to jail but he let us go with a ticket. I about died of a heart attack during that time because the cop came out of nowhere. Finally was with Jared one time in Utah. We had just pulled out of the drive thru at Wendy's and it was dark out. Jared forgot to flip the lights back on the car and the officer pulled us over within a block. As soon as his lights came on Jared knew what was wrong and flipped the lights on. The officer came up to the car and looked in then told us he was just making sure we weren't drunk, but that he knew we weren't when we realized the problem before he told us. He sent us on our away without even looking at Jared's license I think. Those are some minor run ins with the law and I hope to never have one of my own *cross my fingers*.

Corey, Kim and little miss Natalie said...

Okay, so my story isn't one where I was pulled over but I was in the backseat of a friend's car when he was pulled over for reckless driving. It was Halloween night and my friend Allyson and I were dressed as Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Her boyfriend at the time (now husband) was driving the car and dressed as a surgeon. He was a med student at the time so it was a quick and easy costume to add to the scrubs he was wearing. He wasn't driving recklessly in my opinion, just a little too fast in a dark, mountainous residential neighborhood. Anyway, the cop pulled up behind us with brights on and lights flashing and all you could see was the shadow of these two pair of mouse ears spinning around the inside of the car. It was so funny that we could NOT stop laughing. This did not go over well with the cop when he approached the car. A surgeon driving two Disney mice around. Why didn't he think that was funny? Did he not see the mouse ear shadows all over the dashboard and onto the street? Bruce got a big fat ticket and we felt bad for laughing but even now it's just the funniest image.

Destinee said...

Carmen- One knock out, drag down fight with a Semi truck and suddenly I'm not in such a hurry to get anywhere! That is awesome you have never gotten a ticket! You too Chastity!

MommyJ- So busted! That is hilarious about the cop asking if you drove that rode everyday. I love that you went to the mall before telling the folks. Money is much better spent at the mall than on paying speeding tickets!

Beckii- can't wait to hear your story. (And I'm totally going to call you about my blog.)

Inkmom- can't wait to read about your run in with the law. I hope you at least copy and pasted?

Kim, I think yours takes the cake so far. I was laughing out loud reading that! Seriously, the mouse ears on the dash board! I can totally see you laughing and not being able to stop! Thanks for sharing that!

Keep them coming. I'm loving this. The only thing that would make it better is if we were all at the Chocolate Lounge, or the like, eating overpriced dessert, laughing until our sides hurt while the workers were putting up the chairs all around us!!

Melissa said...

My first run in with the law was when I was 15 years old. I was riding home from a church dance that was in Dallas. The guy that was driving (actually it was Cory's brother... I totally had a crush on him for awhile) was going WAY TOO fast because he was trying to get me home before curfew. Well, of course we got pulled over and apparently we really looked like we were trouble makers because the police men made us all get out of the minivan and then they searched the vehicle...for drugs, I guess. I was so scared!!! Especially when the police man started pulling us out individually to question us about what we were doing. You are probably wondering why the heck they were doing all this and seriously I have no idea!!! He must have been going REALLY fast. Anyways, when the cop questioned me he asked me what we were all wearing on our wrists. We were all still wearing our EFY wristbands from the other week. (How dorky where we??) The cop totally did not believe me. It was crazy. Anyways, after they got the same story from each of us and realized that there was nothing illegal in the minivan they finally let us go. It was quite an experience.

Destinee said...

I loved your story too. Scary! That's a funny memory to have with Cory's brother! Was Cory there too?
A perfect example of why not to have a curfew!

julie said...

I have indeed been pulled over a time or two, okay three to be exact, but never a ticket! Once for speeding on the back roads on the way home from a church dance, cried my way out of that one. Second time, also on the way home from a church dance (in Filer) I guys those cops have a little too much time on there hands. I was trying to find the right exit home and was appearently swirving a little, thank heavens he bought my story, I didn't even have to get out of the car! Third and final time was due to a burned out headlight that I appearently didn't get fixed fast enough because I got pulled over by the same cop twice, can you embarrasing!

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