Friday, November 14, 2008

Boy friends and Bye Bye Buggy's

Yesterday Avery informed me that Toma spits his milk at her during lunch and pulls her hair. After questioning her on how she handles the situation I was just about to tell her sometimes boys act like that when they like you. Before I had the chance however, she said, "he only does that because he thinks I'm pretty." Okay then. So I told her what I was about to say about boys acting like that when they like you. And she countered, "Ricky doesn't act like that and he likes me too." (Ricky is soooo cute! BTW). "He wants me to be his girlfriend but I told him I'm not going to be a girlfriend until I'm older. Like, maybe 20. Or 15. Something like that." Sweet! Way to go, girl! Now I'm going to print this out and have her sign it.

In other "proud" Mama news, I had to take the little ones to an appointment with me. They were so good. Brittain barely made a peep. Mason entertained himself with his cars and singing They Might Be Giants. Several different people commented on how well-behaved my son was. He even earned himself a sucker from one lady. So, I will take those comments and put them away for a rainy day when he is not being so... what did she say? Ah, yes...well-behaved.

Then we had one more stop at the post office. Oh my lucky stars. This is what was ahead of me in line.

a Bye Bye Buggy. Have you ever seen such a thing?! And directly in front of the 6-seater was the 4-seater version. Both were full. (And they had one walker besides.) Granted, they were not all from the same family but do you know that not one single person in that post office looked at me and said, "Wow, it looks like you have your hands full." Nice. Maybe I can plan my errands around this crew. What I would like to know is how in the world one person can push that thing! I am out of breath and huffing it with just a double stroller going up the hill to Avery's school and back. Forget about meandering all over downtown.


MommyJ said...

so who did all the children belong too?! That is totally crazy. Hopefully it was a daycare or something? You know, a daycare that takes all the kids on basic errands like going to the post office.. I can't imagine.

Yay for well behaved children.. and a daughter that won't be a girlfriend until she is 20. :)

Destinee said...

Yes, I think it was a daycare. Maybe they were teaching a lesson about the mail service? Kind of crazy!

Carmen said...

Hahahaha, that's funny what MommyJ said...a daycare that takes kids on basic errands... ;)
Holy cow, that buggy thing is huge! I'm like you, I can barely make it with a stroller and have Caleb walking. Much less have a "sleigh" to push. lol
So glad your kids were "well-behaved." (But they seem well-behaved to me all the time!)

Okay, so I'm in shock over the fact that your daughter caught on so quickly about boys liking her by doing those things! :)

Heather said...

Can I just say that I am so shocked that Avery is talking about boys liking her and being their girlfriend. I still remember holding her when she was just a tiny baby. It isn't fair they grow up so fast. That buggy thing is something I have never seen. I can't imagine pushing that thing.

julie said...

The buggy things, insane, honestly who thought that one up? I tried pushing one of those two seater carts at Target once, after bumping into walls and making several 20 point turns just ot get down an aisle I was ready to go before I got what I came for! I just have to know, did she have a smile on her face? Okay I think I have vented enough about that!
I love moments like those when the kiddos behave when mom needs it most, so great! And way to go Avery! Sounds like she has got it down! You are pretty Avery and don't you forget it!!!

Mari said...

Destinee, I just have to laugh! I really enjoy reading your blog. By the way, what happened to the tomato soup recipe? Was I just imagining I saw it?? I was so excited to try it!