Monday, June 1, 2009

Good Day, Mate

You know it's a good day when...

You put on capri's from last summer and
a) they fit.
b) you find money in the pockets. Of the dollar variety. Three of them!

You see a friend you weren't expecting to see.

You can actually see the couch and the floor at the same time. (In other words, laundry is folded and put away- or wadded in a heap in the dryer- and the toys are picked up.)

All three kids- 1,2,3- take a nap. Unfortunately, not all at the same time. That would be a great day. But still, nice.

You start sneezing like mad from blasted allergies and realize you didn't even have to cross your legs to keep from peeing your pants. The Kegel's are finally paying off!

My kids are usually pretty sweet (a complete stranger approached me just today at Sam's Club to comment on how beautiful my children are, "and so well behaved, too", thankfully she was on her way out and did not see the inevitable tantrum that occurred when I tried to load the littlest one back into the shopping cart!) They love to pick dandelions and make pictures. Avery loves to write. Why just the other day I was braggin' on how sweet her notes are. I am often the recipient of several letters/pictures a day.

But it can't all be sunshine and smiles, right? The other day she was whistling one second and madder than a hot hen the next. At me. With absolutely no provocation on my part. She hand delivers a note with a picture of a little girl and her mama and the words "I love you, Mom", then in dark, angry pencil marks she crossed through the text several times. Ouch. I was going to scan it in but she felt bad later and "scrambled" it up. I did manage to save this gem though...

She is a firecracker. I sent her off to take a nap. This is how I found her later. Tucked in her closet on the floor with Mason's hat over her eyes. It took the sting out a little.


Anica said...

The picture of her note and picture of her are priceless. I love how you are keepin' it real.

Malisa said...

Kegel's? I LOL at that. Kids are so entertaining, those are great stories.

MommyJ said...

When you talked about kegels, I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. Because apparently I'm NOT doing enough kegels.

Oh wow, the stories on Avery made me laugh. I've had Jordan come home with a few assignments from school where he's had to write things he loves about his mother. He'll say, "I love her when she isn't mean to me."

yeah, thanks for that Jordan.

I almost didn't comment because I didn't want to reveal how ridiculously late I am up right now (editing... still editing).

But I miss you. So I commented anyway.

the end.

Marsha said...

Your days sound familiar. Savannah is really good at letter writing especially while angry. And the Sams situation is very familiar. Ruby insists on walking.

The Kegel's brought out loud laughter. Thanks for that.

Carmen said...

Your stories crack me up Dest! And I couldn't help myself but laugh at that picture of Avery in the closet...too funny. :)

janet said...

That little "firecracker" comes by it quite naturally!! I still have a heartbreaking note you wrote when you said "dear gallups, Thanks for all you have done, but I just don't feel like I can live here any longer" and then you proceeded to RUN AWAY...was that first grade?? I have no dought Avery will grow up to be a wonderful daughter JUST LIKE YOU!! Hang in there.

Kris said...

I love putting on shorts and having them fit and then to have money! Super sweet. Your comment about the Kegel's was cracking me up. I had to read it to my friend! This was a great list!