Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pay it Forward: the follow up

Way back in February I got on the "Pay it Forward" (blog style) bandwagon. Original post here.

I love Halloween so when I came across this post, I knew I wanted to make my own. I had no idea how hard it would be to find cute Halloween paper. Or letters that stand up. Once I found the materials it was easy as pie. And fun to do. Here's what I finally came up with:

A plate of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies topped it off. And done.

But seriously, check out this site. So cute! (Thanks for sending me the link, Beckii!)

Happy Fall!


Gallup Family said...

Just so you know I haven't forgotten about you! I promise to try and get you your Pay It Forward gift by the end of the year :)
Cute crafts!

Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

So where did you get your cute halloween paper? I'm in charge of Super Saturday...this week...and in desperate need of some and have found NOTHING as cute as yours. Please tell!

Destinee said...

Hey Jenny,
I found the paper and letters at AC Moore.
The only thing I would add to the instructions from the other site was I used a sanding block (or sandpaper) on the edges- to make the paper flush with the wood. Made it seem more finished.
Good luck!
(I'm doing JOY for Christmas- you might find a better selection of Christmas paper...)

JulieJ said...

One of my favorite blogs! I read it almost every day. Your boo turned out cute.

Marsha said...

Thank you for the cookies and the Boo. My kids were so excited and thrilled.

Beckii said...

dang. i love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. next time i'll be quicker. but for now i may have to go make some. your letters turned out super cute!! what a good idea.

Remodelahlic said...

So cute Dest! Good job, great idea!

T said...

I could have used those pumkin chocolate chip cookies!!! We made the Boo last year at your Mom's Super Saturday - they sanded the blocks and painted them black.
T is me - Trixie

The Arrrrrgalls said...

Gotta say that's my most favorite blogs. I have it on my list too!!