Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Mason Post

Back before the dog days of summer were gone, Avery, Mason, and I were reading books on the deck. The kids were taking turns answering questions. The rhyming page was a piece of cake. So was the counting. Then we came to the "opposites" page, illustrated of course. Avery was first. I said up. She said down. Next came hot and cold. I said hot. Pause. "Mason, your turn." Nothing. Pointing this time, to the picture of fire, I said hot. "Ice cream," he hollered, proud as punch. It was in fact a picture of an ice cream cone. E for effort. Guess we'll be working on opposites next.

Hard at work, practicing letters.

We were strolling downtown one day near Pritchard Park. There was a sign that read,"Please do not feed the birds. It will cause a rodent infestation." That very day I saw squirrels dipping in to the bird feeder on our deck for the first time. Squirrels kind of trip me out. Mason had a great solution. "Let's make a stop sign for the squirrels!" Awesome. If they can read the sign maybe they can help Mason learn his opposites too!

Mason had a birthday. (See how super excited he is that he got a granola bar for his birthday?!) He's four. He can do all kinds of things now. His new talents, according to him, include, but are not limited to:
-swallowing broccoli without plugging his nose
-eating his bread crust
-peeing standing up (he's especially proud of this one. His dad might be too- he was afraid I had created a "sitter")
-jumping on one foot

That's a lot to accomplish overnight.That's how it seemed to happen. I'm learning that's the way it is with kids.

Today was Mason's 4 year checkup. I had to fill out a questionnaire to track his skills. One section had questions for him and I had to write down his response. The first question read, "What do you do when you are hungry?" Then it listed appropriate answers, have a snack, eat something... Mason's response, "Say a prayer." So cute. Question number two, "What do you do if you are tired?" He answered with, "Read a story." He has the routine down.

Is this "summer" or what? This picture cracks me up every time I see it.

Mason- with your freckled nose and sparkling eyes, just when I think it's impossible to love you anymore you prove me wrong again and again. I'm so glad you're my boy!


janet said...

He is getting so big!! I love his answers...they are the best.

Anonymous said...

I know you area aware of this, they grow up way to fast. It is amazing to see them day to day and then overnight they are little men and women, then they are young men and women. Wow, enjoy every moment you have. I love seeing the pics of your children, it reminds me of the grandchildren and I told C. I live vicariously each day when I see their pics on the internet even though they are so far away and K and his wife in as well.

Carmen said...

That was so sweet Dest! Mason sure is a cute little guy and I love his freckly nose too. :)
I'm impressed he is writing letters too! (Jakey isn't there yet, lol).

julie said...

Oh how I loved eating up every post!!! It has been a while since I have had the luxury of reading others blogs..(I can't even find a minute to update my own, obviously!) None the less I loved seeing all the cute pics of the kiddos and reading about their cute personalities...we miss them so! I can't believe how much Chapel has changed...again, she looks so much like the Blau side and is just an absolute doll...and oh how I would love to live close enough to kiss those cheekers and squeeze those thighs. I would love to have one baby with thighs like that, no offense Chapel, they are cute at your age!!! We have just completed our first week of school here. Avery looks so grown up and independent, I love it! Miss you all so much! Love ya!

The Arrrrrgalls said...

He is the cutest boy ever!!