Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Orchard: Picture overload. And a link for more pictures!

Skytop Apple Orchard:

I adore this one. Even with all of Mason's seriousness. The light was beautiful. I could have shot there all day. Except that we actually wanted to pick some apples.
No words necessary.

These next two crack me up. Brittain just kept reaching in the bucket handing Dean more apples!


Van, Mason, and Harrison enjoying the view from our tractor ride.
I could seriously eat this girl up. She is so happy and sweet. I am so grateful for this picture. Usually on our outings she stays in the stroller. (And all those pictures are kind of running together. )
Contrary to all of Mason's "picture" faces, we had a really great time!
I posted a few more of my favorites at


Marsha said...

Mason looks like he is contemplating how many apples get to come home with him. Smile or no smile you have adorable children.

Melissa said...

Those pics are BEAUTIFUL!!! I went over to your photography blog as well. You are SO INCREDIBLY TALENTED!!!

Destinee said...

Thanks Marsha and Melissa!

janet said...

I thought you were just kidding about the hat!! great pictures.